About Lara Smith

Confined Space Qualified Person & Construction Safety Officer in Vernon, British Columbia

Fulcrum Safety

Lara has 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety.

Lara started her health and safety career in 2001 at a manufacturing plant in the Okanagan. She was certified as an Occupational level three first aid attendant and took on the role of Shop Steward at the plant. She spent the next several years working in multi family residential construction as a safety officer and first aid attendant.

In 2003 she became a Paid On Call fire fighter and received training to be an exterior fire fighter.

In 2004 Lara moved to Vancouver Island where she got married, and then worked as a Safety Officer in the shipyard at the Esquimalt Graving Dock. Confined spaces were a large part of the job scope at Victoria Shipyards.

Lara moved back to the Okanagan in 2008 when construction safety training was in its infancy in the Okanagan. She took a one week course “Qualified Construction Safety Coordinator”. At the same time, she started taking the required courses through the BCCSA in order to obtain the BCCSA Construction Safety Specialist designation that preceded the NCSO BC certification. She rejoined the local fire department and became an officer. Lara was trained in High Angle Rope Rescue, Auto Extrication, Pumps and Pumping, Incident Command (300) First Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, Forestry Fire Fighting and a host of other subjects. She worked for a short time for BC Ambulance Service in Lumby.